Growing Concern Over Procedure for Hysterectomies and Fibroid Removal

Image: JAMA, ©AMA

Posted today on JAMA:

Two articles have been posted that examine a procedure for hysterectomies and fibroid removal known as electric uterine morcellation, which involves the use of an instrument for fragmenting fibroids or uterine tissue into smaller pieces for easier removal through a laparoscopic port. There is growing concern that this procedure has important risks, including:

  • Inadvertent dispersion and ectopic implantation of small tissue fragments during the procedure, causing symptoms and illness requiring intervention;
  • Dissemination of fragments of undetected and confined malignant tumors throughout the abdominal cavity, upstaging the cancer;
  • Injuries or death caused by damage from the blade of the instrument to organs.

A Viewpoint (available at this link) and JAMA Medical News & Perspectives article (available at this link) discuss the risks, potential alternatives, informed consent process and recommendations for addressing this issue.

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