JAMA Viewpoint: Transforming the US Military Health System

The Military Health System is one of the largest health systems in the United States, delivering health services to about 9.4 million eligible patients in nearly 700 military hospitals and clinics around the world. In an online-first Viewpoint released today by JAMA, 3 Department of Defense officials describe the 5 categories of reform they are pursuing in response to a 2017 law authorizing transformation of the military system:

  • Defining medical requirements for the military’s joint operational plans.
  • Optimizing medical treatment facilities as training platforms for a ready medical force.
  • Standardizing and centralize health care delivery and readiness support.
  • Improving patients’ experience.
  • Modernizing the health care plan and begin value-driven demonstration projects.

For full details of the elements of transformation in each of these priority areas, read the full text of their Viewpoint here.







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